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Montenegro Immigration Information Entry Visa


Valid passport required by all nationals except nationals of the EU with a valid ID card, who may stay up to 30 days.


Visa is not required by nationals of Australia, Canada, UK, USA and EU for stays of up to 90 days for tourist purposes only. The nationals of the Republic of Serbia may enter and stay in Montenegro under the same conditions as Montenegrin nationals.

Other nationals are advised to contact the nearest Montenegrin embassy to check visa requirements.

For nationals who require visa, they may apply for a Montenegrin visa at the nearest diplomatic or consular post of Montenegro in a foreign country. In countries where Montenegro has no diplomatic or consular post, Montenegrin visa applications may be submitted to the Serbian diplomatic or consular post. Foreign nationals in Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia may apply for a Montenegrin visa at the Embassy of Bulgaria in these countries.

Visa Requirements

• Photograph (colour photo 35x45 mm).
• Valid passport.
• Completed Visa Application Form.
• Invitation letter from a natural person or legal entity with permanent residence in Montenegro, verified by a competent body.
• Return air ticket.
• Travel voucher and evidence of sufficient funds to cover the costs of a tourist stay.
• International health insurance.

Types of Visa

Airport Transit Visa (A)
This visa may be issued to a foreigner for one or several transits through the airport international transit area, between internationals flights, without entry into the territory of Montenegro, with validity period of up to three months. As a general rule, a foreigner who shall not leave the international transit area in between flights at a Montenegro airport or on international flights shall not require a visa. The Government of Montenegro may stipulate that nationals of certain countries, for the national security and legal order reasons, shall require an airport-transit visa.

Transit Visa (B)
This visa may be issued for one, two or exceptionally several transits through the territory of Montenegro, with a validity period of up to six months. On the basis of a transit visa, a foreigner may stay in Montenegro for a period of up to five days upon each journey. Transit visa may be issued to a foreigner if he/she has secured entry into the state to which he/she is travelling. This visa may be individual and collective.

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