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Montenegro Communications


Land line telephone services are provided by T-Com Montenegro (owned by Crnogorski Telekom) and MTEL (owned by Telekom Srbija and Ogalar BV).

Montenegro currently has the highest penetration of GSM telephony in Europe. Services are provided by three GSM operators, Telenor Montenegro (owned by Telenor), T-Mobile Montenegro (owned by Crnogorski Telekom) and MTEL. All providers have national coverage, and provide advanced services. 3G telephony began operations in the summer of 2007, with all three operators implementing 3G technology.

Internet services are provided by Crnogorski Telekom and MTEL. Crnogorski Telekom provides dial-up and ADSL access, while MTEL provides WiMAX access.

In October 2010, there were 2.347 dial-up connections and 63.155 broadband connections. It is estimated that 280,000, or 41.3% of Montenegrin citizens use the internet, which places Montenegro just below the European average of internet usage. ADSL became available in Montenegro in 2005. So far, the sole provider of ADSL services in Montenegro is Crnogorski Telekom. There were 55.443 ADSL connections in Montenegro in October 2010, which makes ADSL the most popular internet access technology in the country. WiMAX access is provided by MTEL. There were 7.381 WiMAX connection in Montenegro in October 2010.

RTCG is the state-owned public broadcaster with nationwide coverage. Other privately owned television broadcast stations mostly cover major cities in Montenegro.


Telephones - main lines in use :
366,600 (2009)

Telephones - mobile cellular :
752,000 (2009)

Telephone system :
general assessment: modern telecommunications system with access to European satellites
domestic: GSM mobile-cellular service, available through multiple providers with national coverage, is growing
international: country code - 382; 2 international switches connect the national system

Broadcast media :
state-owned national radio-TV broadcaster operates 2 terrestrial television networks, 1 satellite TV channel, and 2 radio networks; roughly a dozen privately-owned TV broadcasters operate networks nationally, regionally, and locally; in addition to the 2 state-owned national radio networks, roughly 50 privately-owned radio stations and networks broadcast (2007)

Internet country code :

Internet hosts :
6,247 (2010)

Internet users :
280,000 (2009)




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