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Business Etiquettes in Montenegro

Meeting & Greeting

In general, the code of business conduct is similar in Montenegro to that in the rest of Europe and the USA. A handshake at the beginning and end of a meeting is the accepted custom. Care should be taken to shake the hand of everyone present at the meeting. In the presence of a woman, her hand should be shaken before shaking hands with men.

Business Meeting

It is a good idea to arrive on time for meetings although the locals will most likely not return the compliment. Meetings usually start with small talk.

Never conduct business without your lawyer (a member of the Bar Association) in tow and it is best to let them handle the transition to more serious subjects.

It is very important at a business meeting to indicate your colleague's title first and then his surname. Use of first names is intended only for private meetings, after a personal relationship has been established.

You are recommended to avoid making business appointments for the months of July and August as well as around the dates of national holidays in Montenegro.

Business Negotiation

Bargaining is expected and it’s best to not show emotion. People will try to maneuver you into a snap decision but is unwise to do so.

It is unwise to negotiate deals without a local member of the Bar Association. Let them also handle the gifts. There is a subtle dividing line (which is difficult to grasp for a foreigner) between being considerate and attempting a bribe, particularly when dealing with an official.

It is also customary for a buyer to give the vendor of real estate a 'good luck' bank note, but this matter should again be handled by the lawyer.


The accepted form of dress for a business meeting in Montenegro is a formal suit for men and women are recommended to dress fashionably but not loudly.




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